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Web Galley Design about page

About the Web Galley:

I know that the most important part of building an identity on the web is designing and building a website.  There are so many ways to go about this mammoth task that it can make your head spin!  Just when you think you got it something does not load right, your site does not work and you are about to give up.  You feel so alone.  Oh nooooo!  Well, here at the Web Galley we pride ourselves on teamwork. From my design process to the developer I work with and beyond, we will work with you, as a team to produce the perfect website for you.

I am Rosemary Valdez and I have been in the information technology field and have worked for big corporations for over 15 years.  I studied WordPress and design techniques like Photoshop.  The coding standards for your site are under the industries best practices for development.  What that means to you is that if another designer and developer looked at your site they would be able to quickly find and enhance any new features for your site.  WordPress is the heart and soul of my design platform and with that I bring my expertise in detail, beauty and functionality  to every website/blog I create.

I will work with YOU to bring your brand and identity to the World Wide Web.  This is important to your company and you as an individual.  We build long term relationships with our clients.  You are not just a website!

Come work with us and we will create together a beautiful and functional site.

You can contact me by email at:  [email protected].